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Accessible Britain – Getting Around Made Easier

Accessible Britain – Getting Around Made Easier graphic

At the heart of what iHUS Changing Places do is the need to make Britain more accessible for disabled people – especially those with severe or complex disabilities. We aren’t the only ones who want to see a more accessible Britain; there are various websites and guides that can help disabled people plan holidays and trips.

Accessible Britain

Many campaigners and charities are calling for Britain to become even more accessible. In simple terms, this means making public spaces, transport and destinations suitable for disabled people to visit or use.

Compared to other countries, Britain does have a lot of measures in place to make life easier for disabled people who want to get around. This shouldn’t be a luxury; it’s a basic human right and needs to be able to travel freely. Many of us take it for granted but for the average disabled person, even a trip to a shopping centre can take a lot of planning; will there be suitable parking? Toilets? etc.

Measures that can be put in place to make destinations and transport more accessible include;

  • Accessible toilets
  • Wheelchair ramps and wider doorways
  • Support for partially sighted and blind people
  • Hearing loop systems for deaf people
  • Changing Places toilets
  • Extra seating for people with limited mobility
  • Steps to make areas comfortable for people with sensory processing disorders

Now, it’s good that businesses put these measures in place, but disabled people need to know about them. For many disabled people, a day out means they need to plan their itinerary around places that are accessible.

There are several tools that disabled people can use to plan their trips.

One of them is the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain. Now in its 10th year, the Guide is a planning tool for anyone with access needs and the latest edition now includes information for visitors with hidden conditions such as autism or mental illness. Every venue in the Guide is reviewed by Rough Guides’ team of writers, who either have a disability themselves or visited the venue with disabled friend or family member.

A great website that all destinations should aim to feature on is the AccessAble site (formerly DisabledGo). Visitors can simply type in what type of destination or attraction they are looking for and search for a suitable place to visit.

For people looking for destinations with Changing Places facilities, the CP consortium have developed a Changing Places toilet map. The map shows every registered CP toilet in the UK, making it easy for people with complex disabilities plan trips.

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How Can You Make Your Business More Accessible?

Any business can add some or all the features mentioned above – making your business or destination more accessible will improve visitor satisfaction, encourage repeat bookings and boost word-of-mouth recommendations.

A good place to start is by carrying out an accessibility audit at your destination. An audit will make it clear what areas need improving and the steps needed to make your business an accessible one.

Visit Britain have a useful page on developing accessible destinations, full of tips, information and a guide to auditing your business.

For a business to be truly accessible to all, a Changing Places toilet is now considered necessary. As recommended in BS8300 and Building Regulations Approved Document M, larger venues should look to install Changing Places toilets.

A Changing Places facility opens your business up to so many more people who just want to be able to enjoy the simple things the rest of us do.


Getting the Word Out

Remember, if you’ve taken step to make your destination accessible, you need to advertise this fact and make information easy to find for potential visitors. Visit Britain say that 83% of people who look for access information when planning a trip will use destination websites so ensure that your website is up to date with what features you have in place for disabled people.

Additionally, if you have a Changing Places facility in place, make sure you register it with the Changing Places consortium so that you can be added to the CP toilet map.


Ready to Make Your Business More Accessible?

If you are considering installing a Changing Places toilet as part of your accessibly strategy, then please get in touch.

With over 30 years’ experience in construction, iHUS are one of the UK’s leading disabled adaptations companies – specialising in the design and installation of Changing Places facilities.

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