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How Much Does a Changing Places Toilet Cost?


Tightly controlled finances are essential to any business so it’s natural that business owners will be interested in the cost vs. benefit of any major purchases. Big purchases need to be considered carefully and it’s no different when it comes to a Changing Places toilet.

If you’re wondering how much a Changing Places toilet costs, then read on.

Changing Places Toilet Cost

Of course, there are numerous benefits to installing a Changing Places toilet, but they come at a cost. The prices of our products vary, depending on the work that we must first carry out at your site.

Our modular Changing Places toilet starts from £47,000 for the unit and then additional costs need to be added for groundwork. We price these separate as some clients prefer to use their own contractors to install the unit – we would just supply the product.

Often though, our clients prefer to take advantage of our end-to-end service and have us prepare sites and install our product.

If you are looking to adapt an existing space into a Changing Places toilet, prices start from £16,000 for supply and installation of equipment. The cost can vary, depending on the amount of renovation that your space needs. For example, if a ceiling needs adjusting or a doorway moving.

Our equipment is all manufactured to a high specification and our units are supplied fully fitted with everything needed to be classified as a Changing Places toilet. We do offer additional equipment at extra cost, such as height adjustable wash basins and changing benches.


Weighing Up the Benefits

A Changing Places toilet cost can’t be measured solely on ROI. Of course, there is some financial gain; in the form of the ‘purple pound’. Tourist attractions especially can expect an increase in visitor numbers from disabled visitors.

The real benefit of a Changing Places toilet is the human benefit.

Many people can’t leave their homes for fear that they won’t be able to access a suitable bathroom. A Changing Places toilet literally changes lives for some of society’s most vulnerable people – that’s real value.

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Business Case for Investment

Whether you decide to install a Changing Places toilet through compassion, for legal or financial reasons, we can guarantee it’s a worthwhile investment and that our products are of the highest possible quality.

For a comprehensive guide to the reasoning for installing a Changing Places toilet, read our business case for investment.



For businesses that don’t have an income or a lot of funding, such as day centres or community hubs, the cost of a Changing Places toilet is a worthy cause to raise money for.

Take a look at our client, the Regen Centre, Ricall, who ran various fundraising initiatives in order to pay for their new facility.


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For more accurate planning and pricing, please contact us for an onsite consultation.

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