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How iHus Changing Places Can Make It Easier For Your Staff

How iHus Changing Places Can Make It Easier For Your Staff graphic

An accessible iHus Changing Places toilet can transform your place of work, and not just for those who visit. Your staff can also be positively affected by the impact of having an iHus Changing Place on site.
An iHus Changing Places toilet is so much more than a disabled toilet. It is a place where people with profound disabilities can toilet and be changed with dignity, comfort, and safety.


Why have an iHus Changing Places Toilet?

Many of us are lucky enough to never have to think about how hard it is if you have profound physical or mental disabilities. But for millions of families that is their reality.

And for those families, having somewhere to change and clean their loved one is the difference between going out for the day and staying at home.

We often speak to families who have to change their child on the floor of a public toilet, or in the back of the car.
It is undignified and unhygienic for the person being changed, and uncomfortable for the person doing the changing. Plus, it is unsafe for all.

Aside from the moral argument for having a Changing Places toilet installed, there are financial and legal reasons for it too. Have a look at our business case to find out more.


Why Isn’t The Disabled Toilet Adequate?

A disabled toilet is a great start and helps those who are mostly able bodied enough to use a toilet. But profoundly disabled people are often not capable of using a toilet.

An iHus Changing Places facility typically has a disabled friendly toilet, but also a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, ceiling track hoist system (or mobile hoist if this isn’t possible) and peninsular toilet. The bench is protected by a wide tear-off paper roll to cover it. The pods are fitted with a large waste bin for disposing of pads and a non-slip floor keeps everyone safe.

Whats more, the iHus Changing Places pods are big enough for three people, meaning two carers can accompany the person receiving care, making lifting and using the hoist much safer.

RAF Museum Changing places

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So How Will An IHus Changing Place Benefit My Staff?

Let’s start with the cash.

Your business needs to make money to survive, right? No matter how altruistic we all are, that’s the bottom line. Wages need paying.

Many leisure and tourism businesses rely not only on footfall, but also on purchases made onsite. Lunch, souvenirs, drinks, and ice-creams all go to topping up the coffers.

Making your facilities accessible means more families will stay for longer. They will be able to easily and safely change their family member without having to resort to laying them down on a toilet floor.
Indeed, many of the families we work with say a lack of accessible changing places is a reason to avoid a place altogether.

And when accessible tourism in the UK is worth £12.4 billion, can you really afford to not be accessible for all?
But how does this benefit your staff? Simple. More cash for the business means better job security for them. It means you can invest in their training and development and create jobs to make their workload manageable.


An Employer To Be Proud Of

It is no secret that todays workforce has morals. According to this article by employment experts Glass Door, today’s employees want to work for a company that exudes integrity.

For many, treating all customers and visitors with dignity and respect is a big part of that.

Providing a workplace that employees can be proud of and have faith in gives them job satisfaction and means they are more likely to be loyal to the company.

This reduces your staff turnover and maintains your reputation as a fair and equal company.


Satisfied Customers

Anyone who has worked in a customer facing role will be able to recount a time when they had to deal with an unhappy customer. It can be very upsetting, especially if you feel their argument is valid but you have to toe the proverbial company line anyway.

The parents and carers of disabled children frequently speak about how frustrated and upset the people in their care become when faced with the choice between being changed somewhere unpleasant or staying dirty.
This can be upsetting to see for the parent or carer, and also your staff member.

Having an iHus Changing Places toilet will mean a healthy, happy experience for all your visitors, and staff satisfaction in return.


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Alternatively, we hold regular seminars that tell you all about the benefits and requirements of an iHus Changing Place facility. Have a look here to find out more.

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