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Quiet Rooms in the Workplace

Open plan offices are the norm across many UK workplaces; once thought to encourage better communications, it’s now known that such a busy environment can have quite negative affects on employees. Employers are now seeking to create quiet rooms and spaces in the workplace – where employees can go to get away from the hubbub of the office.

A recent focus on employee wellness means more and more companies are recognising the benefits a quiet room can bring to the workplace.

What Is a Quiet Room?

A quiet room is very literally, a room that is quiet. The room can be used by employees whenever they feel as though the office environment has become overwhelming, they need a moment to switch off, or even want to meditate/say a prayer.

The key to a successful quiet room, is an environment that is both relaxing and doesn’t feel like the office, but most importantly the room needs to be quiet.

Why Have A Quiet Room in Your Workplace?

Some people enjoy working in an open plan office – they like the hustle and bustle and to feel as though they are in the centre of things. However, the vast majority of employees do at times, feel as though the office has become too much, is too noisy or like they can’t complete work and meet deadlines.

Research carried out by Ipsos and the Workspace Futures Team of Steelcase demonstrates this. Of the workers surveyed:

  • 85% said they’re dissatisfied with their working environment and can’t concentrate
  • 31% said they had to leave the office to get work completed

The research also showed:

  • Employees were losing up to 86 minutes a day due to distractions
  • Employees were unmotivated, unproductive and overly stressed
  • Employees felt they had little capacity to think and work creatively and constructively

The research clearly demonstrates that something is very wrong in our workplaces; the most commonly cited reasons for feeling distracted or stressed in the office are colleagues on phone calls and having conversations with each other.

Generally most people can do their jobs with noise in the background, problems arise when there is no relief or escape from the noise. Even just a short break away from the noise can reset and refresh an employee. Meaning that they can get back to work, feeling less stressed and more productive.

Sensory Spaces

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Implementing a Quiet Space in Your Office

Setting aside an area for quiet space is often easier in theory than practice; if rules and conditions are not established right at the beginning.

A quite room needn’t cost a fortune either – so long as you have a dedicated space that can be designated a quite area. Consider investing in some comfortable seating, relaxed lighting, curtains and maybe facilities to make a drink.

Of course, if you’ve been allocated a more generous budget for a quiet space, you could consider getting a professional in to create a relaxing area. Here at iHUS Changing Places we have experience transforming rooms to either sensory or quiet rooms by installing a range of equipment from lighting to soft furnishings.

Either way, what you do need to do is draw up a list of rules for the space – these can either be sent to employees directly or a poster created and put on the wall. The rules don’t need to be strict – just common-sense things like, ‘please do not make telephone calls in the quiet room’.

It needs to be quickly established that the room is not a place to slip off to for a chat with a colleague or to make calls. Make it clear that the room is solely for contemplation – reading, thinking or just sitting quietly.

The room can also double up as a prayer room of there is a requirement in your workplace. People will use the space for many purposes that can be very beneficial to their overall wellbeing.

What if I Don’t Have Space for a Quiet Room?

Having space for a quiet space or sensory room can be one of the biggest challenges for businesses.

If that’s the case, then you could consider a modular solution – a ready made building that can be conveniently located anywhere on your property. We commonly install the sensory product in school playgrounds and can do the same for your business using the car park or any other available outdoor space you have available.

For more information on quiet rooms and how we can help bring a sense of harmony to your business, get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to discuss options and arrange a consultation.

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