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Sensory Rooms for Autistic Pupils in Mainstream Education

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Sensory rooms are a popular addition to many education facilities, more commonly seen in special schools, even ‘mainstream schools’ are now benefiting from their use.

Used for a variety of reasons and in different settings, in this week’s post, we’re specifically looking at sensory rooms in mainstream schools, and how they can be used, especially for children on the autism spectrum.

The Benefits of Sensory Rooms for Autistic Children

Sensory rooms have long been used as an education and treatment tool for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Even in this area, sensory rooms are not a one use fits all solution, as each child with Autism will have different characteristics and face different challenges.

Some children want more stimulation, where others find the outside world too stimulating and need a place to get away from it. Individual needs must be considered before a child is recommended to make use of a sensory room.

However, anecdotal evidence shows that one sensory room benefit for some Autistic children is the calming ability the space can have on a child who needs a break or is reaching ‘meltdown stage’. Official research on the topic is scarce but for years, teachers and therapists have recommended sensory rooms for this specific purpose.

Many Autistic children struggle with the stimulus created by day to day living and a build up of this stress can cause outbursts, more commonly known as meltdowns.

Unquestionably, this is distressing for the child concerned and for parents, carers or teachers. By providing a relaxing space to unwind, sensory rooms can help alleviate some of the pressure build up, commonly felt by kids on the Autistic Spectrum.

Sensory Quiet Spaces

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Autistic Children and Mainstream Education Settings

The above information raises questions about Autistic children in a mainstream education setting and their ability to cope with the pressures of school.

Not all children on the spectrum attend special schools; many children with an ASD diagnosis are in mainstream education, especially those with an Asperger’s diagnosis.

Where a child can attend mainstream school, it is the preferred option for many parents and students themselves; so long as the school can incorporate some allowances or changes to cater for pupils with higher needs than the neurotypical children.

Therefore, many mainstream schools are choosing to install sensory rooms; it shows that their school is well equipped to cater to many different types of children. If a sensory room is a key factor for a child with autism to be able to attend a mainstream school and perform well, then the question is – why don’t all schools have them?

School can feel stressful and busy for any child, not just those on the Autistic spectrum. Many other children attend mainstream schools who have ADHD diagnoses, dyslexia or are even just a more anxious child – any one of these children can find the school environment a stressful one. Sensory rooms for education can help and enrich the school experience for a whole range of children.


Sensory Room Types

Sensory rooms come in a range of types – from ones than can be exciting and fun, to soothing, calm spaces.

iHUS can make your sensory room tailored to your pupils needs and specialise in calming environments that are great for children with Autism.

There are no worries about having to find space in your school to install one of our sensory rooms either; we specialise in modular sensory rooms that are constructed at our facility and then placed into position at your school, usually in a playground or next to the main school building.

To find out more about our sensory rooms or request a quote, get in touch and speak to a member of the team today.

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