The Core

The perfect facility for those looking to fully enhance the accessibility of their tourist attraction. This hassle free, modular solution not only creates inclusion for those who need it most, but also provides you the tool to capitalise on the ‘Purple Pound’.

Internal changing place

The Core provides over 12sqm of internal floorspace, a minimum internal ceiling height of 2.4m and premium equipment throughout. This safe, hygienic environment exceeds BS 8300 compliance and includes unique extras such as a bespoke feature wall.

Aesthetics can be tailored both inside and out. The external shell can be clad in materials to compliment your existing buildings or environment, plus we provide a wide range of internal colours and finishes.

The Core Changing Place is delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit. This minimises disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control.

“Working with iHUS has been a master-stroke. They share our passion for accessibility and the modular facility creates new opportunities for the Changing Places campaign and expands who it can reach and what we can offer.”