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What Are Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) and How Can They Be Used?

Living with a disability isn’t easy and can be incredibly costly. For those living with a physical
or mental disability, everyday tasks such as taking a shower or making a cup of tea can
become a daunting challenge, particularly if their home is not accessible.

Everybody deserves to live comfortably in their own home. As a local authority, you will often
be called on to help disabled members of the community make much-needed adaptions to
their home, enabling them to live more comfortably in their homes.

What Are Disabled Facilities Grants?

A disabled facilities grant is government funding that can be used to pay for essential adaptions needed by people with disabilities. Disabled facilities grants provide disabled people with the opportunity to stay in their own home rather than moving to a better-adapted house or flat.

People who are eligible for the disabled facilities grant may be physically disabled due to injury, illness or impairment. Or, they may have sight, hearing or speech impairment, learning difficulties, severe challenging behaviours or a mental health disorder.

How Can A Disabled Facilities Grant Be Used?

Nobody should have to leave their home just because they have a disability.

The disabled facilities grant may be used to provide and install ramps, wall handles, shallow steps and wider doors. It may also include the installation of a stair lift or adaption of the heating/lighting controls to make them easier to use or for sensory purposes. The grant may also be used to ensure the kitchen is accessible and make sure there’s access to a shared family room.

In some cases, the disabled person may require an accessible ground floor room to sleep in and more often than not, a disabled resident will need the bathroom adapting to meet their needs.

In order to fully meet the needs of a severely disabled person, a home extension is often required so the person can have access to everything they need on the ground floor of their home, yet still be close to their family.

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Using the Disability Funding Grant To Provide People With Modular Home Extensions

A home extension, such as the Changing Places Modular Home Extension, is an extremely practical solution as it provides the disabled person with an accessible living and sleeping space that is easy to navigate. This is practical both for the person and for care purposes.

The self-contained modular home extension features a bedroom and bathroom, which are designed with disabilities in mind and are completely accessible; even to wheelchair users. They can be built and installed quickly, with minimum disruption to the home or neighbours.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing Places Modular Home Extensions?

This state of the art extension product can be tailored to the needs of the disabled resident. It enables them to live comfortable in their own home whilst staying close to their family. The modular home extension also gives the disabled resident the space they need without making too many changes to the home.

The modular home extension is manufactured and built at our facility before being lifted onto the property and adjoined to the house. The whole process is quick and easy from start to finish and the end product is always perfect.

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If you’re a Local Authority or Housing Association looking for a reliable partner with an innovative extension product for disabled residents, then look no further. The Disabled Facilities Grants funding scheme covers a range of home adaptions, including adding modular extensions.

This means disabled facilities grants can be used to provide disabled residents with a home extension that will change their life for the better. We regularly work alongside Local Authorities and Housing Associations to better the lives of disabled residents in their local area. For example, we have worked with Bassetlaw District Council and A1 Housing for the past 3 years delivering our bespoke accessible modular home extensions to people that need them the most.

If you’d like to discuss our innovative modular home extension or would like to discuss teaming up with us to improve the lives of disabled people, get in touch via our online contact form. Alternatively, call us on 0808 164 1111, or email enquiries@ihusprojects.com.

“We love the extension – it’s hard to describe how much it has changed our lives for the
better. Everyone who sees it is amazed by the quality.” – Chantal & Chris

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