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What if I Don’t Have Space for a Changing Places facility?

Changing Places Space

Changing Places toilets are large – larger than your average bathroom and bigger than a standard accessible toilet. This can lead to concerns that it wouldn’t be feasible for a business to install a Changing Places facility.

So, what are the dimensions of a Changing Places facility? How much space do you need and what can you do if you don’t have enough space?

How Big Is A Changing Places Toilet?

A Changing Places toilet doesn’t have a maximum dimension and can be as big as your site allows or is necessary. However, to be considered a Changing Places facility, register your business with the Changing Places Consortium and be listed on the toilet map, your facility must be at least 7 square metres.

This is an acceptable size but only meets the bare minimum measurements in the Changing Places standard and isn’t ideal.

BS 8300 recommends that a true Changing Places toilet should be at least 12 square metres.

The British Standard recommendation is the preferred option for all Changing Places toilets; the extra space is what makes a CP facility special as standard accessible toilets are often too small for some wheelchair users who require assistance to use the bathroom.

Not meeting the British Standard size means that some people would still be excluded from using your facilities.

So, what happens if you just don’t have space for a Changing Places toilet? If after a survey of your building a suitable space for adaption cannot be found, what do you do?
Luckily, iHUS have the perfect solution.

RAF Museum Changing places

Download our Options Guide

Everything you need to know about Changing Places in one handy guide.

Creating Space with a Modular Changing Places Facility

If you don’t have a space suitable for a Changing Places adaption, then the other option is to make space!

Creating a new space for a Changing Places toilet is simple with iHUS and our modular units.

Rather than struggling to cram a CP bathroom into your building, we can manufacture, deliver and install a modular unit on your site; creating a new space that meets the needs of your visitors.

A modular Changing Places toilet creates space rather than takes it away. The ideal solution for buildings where all the existing rooms are in use or where development may be limited (for example, listed buildings).

iHUS manufacture modular units at our facility in South Yorkshire and then erect the building on your site in your chosen spot. We connect the new unit to utilities and ensure that everything is working smoothly – ready for your visitors to use.

Each unit comes ready with all the equipment needed in a Changing Places facility, including an adult changing bench. The modular units also meet, and exceed the standards set out in BS 8300, meaning that your new facility will be completely compliant without removing any space from existing buildings.


Are You Wondering If You Have Space for a Changing Places Toilet?

If you are considering installing a Changing Places bathroom but are confused about the British Standard or even if you have the correct amount of space, then please get in touch.

One of our consultants will be happy to visit your site and assess the situation, advising you on the best option to meet both your needs and those of your customers.

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