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Why It’s Important to Raise Awareness Around Disabilities

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Much work has been done to try and improve all areas of life for people living with disabilities and huge steps have been taken so it’s important that this work is continued – this week we’re looking at disability awareness in the UK and why it’s so important.

Campaigning for Changing Places toilets is just a small part of overall disability awareness work and there are many other areas where people struggle – often due to people who don’t face difficulties not being aware of the problem areas.

How Many Disabled People Are There in the UK?

According to Government data, there are nearly 14 million disabled people in the UK. That means that around 22% of the population of Britain consider themselves to be disabled.

That’s a huge number of people and a massive portion of British society so why doesn’t daily life often reflect just how many people live with disabilities?

Why do so many people struggle to go about their daily lives, use public bathrooms, transport and services?
With such a huge number of people living in the UK with a disability, public buildings, services and even private businesses should be able to cater to everyone.

The Importance of Raising Disability Awareness

Raising awareness of different types of disability and how they impact lives is important for several reasons;
Disability awareness campaigns highlight what daily life is like for somebody with a disability. This could be the struggles people face using public transport or a bathroom. It could also highlight what it is like living with prejudice from wider society.

The aim of these campaigns is simple; education. People who don’t have a disability or know anyone who is disabled might not be aware of what it is like to live with a disability or the challenges that can be encountered on a daily basis.

By educating people on these challenges it is hoped that positive changes are made. And it works. If people or business owners don’t know about a particular problem someone with disabilities may face, they are unlikely to make any changes.

Good education and awareness are key to making our society more accessible for all.

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Disability Rights UK

Disability rights in the UK mean that certain areas and access are protected by laws. These laws are in place to ensure that no person should ever be discriminated against because they have a disability.

Disability rights protect all sorts of areas and are in place to help protect disabled people from discrimination, some of the major areas covered are employment, education and dealing with the police.

The Equality Act 2010 and the United Nations (UN) Convention on disability rights help to enforce, protect and promote the rights of disabled people.

What About Areas That Aren’t Covered by Law

For areas that aren’t covered by law, disability awareness campaigns highlight issues and challenges that disabled people face in the hope that either laws will change in the future or that business owners or local authorities consider these challenges and make positive changes.

One such example is Changing Places toilets. There are no laws that enforce the installation of these fully accessible bathrooms, yet so many people in the UK can benefit from them.

By law, buildings must provide standard accessible toilets, yet there is no specific law that demands a Changing Places toilet is installed; it is currently a ‘recommendation’.

Since these bathrooms can improve the lives of so many people, raising awareness of their existence and how they can help people with profound disabilities is extremely important. The Changing Places Consortium are the official face of the campaign for CP toilets but there are many other charities, such as Access for All UK, plus individual families, who seek to raise awareness.

As a provider of Changing Places toilets, it’s also a campaign that we fully stand behind and want to raise awareness of.

Changing Places is just one example of awareness – disability affects many areas of life for thousands of people every day, and by continuing to highlight these challenges it is hoped that one day, everywhere will be accessible for everyone.

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